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Some past thoughts

I'm back!

I'd like to say there are some absolutely wonderful people at Wesley Mission and kudos to them.


Final post?

So after several days of back and forth, and thanks to my parents neglecting to tell me would lapse, it's come to my attention that I'll need a Notary Public to prove I'm me and thus that I once owned but a NP is something like $250 + GST for something I use about twice a year.

By and large no one will probably read this at but it's there if anyone really wanted to track it down. Might let Squarespace lapse too, it was good while it lasted but didn't get me HTTPS soon enough when I was looking at it, and especially with this new straw I think it just isn't something I derive sufficient value from relative to the cost, especially compared to hosting something on AWS/GCP/Azure which I'd actually find a fun challenge if I had the time.


Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule 

Having operated on a maker's schedule for so long, I really appreciated the insight into the manager's schedule:


Yep, learning the hard way

Woohoo! Lesson: 
Hi <name>, 
How's your day been?

25 odd characters of awesomeness, thanks <name>.

Got to tone down these intricate 30-second thoughts, TMI, and come back to Earth.

Fascinating how the academic world of course tends to push so hard in the other direction towards theses of hundreds of pages, but that doesn't excuse me for being an $%^hole.

I suppose I'm just happy I at least got to learn something, thanks <name>.


Can you upgrade to Python 3?

Basically it comes down to whether your dependencies are up to date and if they aren't, if you want to help and contribute back to the community to move them along. The easiest is to drop your requirements.txt file into:


Both of the following are also excellent tools to get an overview of how well the community is progressing: